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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Have you ever had so much to do that you are overwhelmed? I've been looking around my apartment and realizing that I have 5 years worth of memories to pack up, give to consignment shops, and throw away. FIVE YEARS WORTH. For pack rats like me, this task will be nothing short of a miraculous undertaking. I hate packing up apartments, and I've had to do that a lot lately. I always get so distracted looking back over stuff, and end up making a dozen phone calls to reminisce. Anybody else have this trouble?? I guess throwing away stuff is necessary; painful but necessary.

All I can hope is that nothing happens to my precious pictures, fun posters, and clothes. Of course, my wish is that nothing happens to any of my stuff (I have a BIG movie collection and a lot of nice furniture!) but those pictures are absolutely priceless. I've already had problems with flooding in my last apartment destroying some pictures, and I don't want anything like THAT to happen again. I'm sure I'll have some interesting news to share once I start packing tomorrow. Hey, this new blog is a nice way to distract myself further--phone calls and working out can only go so far ;)!

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