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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My 3rd Favorite Month of the Year

So, it has been awhile since I blogged, in large part because so much has played out in my life recently. The roommate and I have not spoken since October 2nd, except for her pointless attempts to try and demand me to do things, such as clean off the porch after Elise left or clean out my litterbox. Please note that I, along with many others, respond pretty negatively to demands, especially those made in a childish way. I don't ask for much from my friends and roommates and I am fairly certain I am relatively easy to live with (on a side note, my litterbox is FINE) and it takes a lot for me to turn on you--but I don't like people being mean to my best friends (and any friends really)...and it irks me when my generosity is so quickly forgotten. In case anybody didn't know, I paid for 2 months of rent BEFORE I MOVED IN. I never would have thought twice about it until true colors were shown. I should have listened to the many, many people that tried to warn me, but I always try to see the best in people, especially those I consider to be my friends. It's like a wise friend told me--I am a giver and she is a taker. I love giving to others and usually think of my friends and loved ones before myself, but not everybody is like that. I guess I thought it was immaturity, but I now think it is pure mean under all that. Maybe one day that will change, but I'm not going to hang around hoping that day comes. There are far too many people that love me and too much good left for me to see to dwell on what could have been. Yes, it hurts that somebody I considered a friend decided to treat me this way, but I know that I deserve far better from my friends--and get it every day. Sometimes I'm sad about it, but I'm really just ready to move on and forget. That is much less stressful.

ANYWAY, this is my 3rd favorite month of the year! The ones that beat it are May--because DUH my birthday--and December--because of New Years' and Christmas and having all of my Chatty people in the same town again! October therefore is my 3rd favorite month...and that's because it's SCARY MOVIE TIME! I love scary movies (2nd here only to Harry Potter, which is in a league of its own) I'm going to be revisitig some of my absolute favorites (Halloween, Pet Semetary, Carrie, The Exorcist...), but I'm always up for new suggestions! I prefer the ones with relevant gore (you know, where it ties into the plot line instead of just trying to gross the audience out for 2 hours), but mostly ones that really make you think...because I think when you delve into your subconscious with a movie and figure out how it relates to you or could happen in real life...well that's far scarier. A great suspense, although not so much horror, movie is Flowers in the Attic (which can be watched instantly on Netflix). It's based on the V.C. Andrews book of the same name, which I have not read but very much want to--along with the sequels which I don't think made it to movie format. For lovers of psychology, it really is a must see, but keep in mind it was made some time ago (late 70s or early 80s I think). Some of those favorites I mentioned are on the list because I saw them when I was very young (Carrie--age 9; Halloween--age 10; The Exorcist--age 13) and they have stuck with me...kind of like a macabre version of remembering a first kiss (Harrison--age 5 or, if you think that one doesn't really count, Michael--age 11). All scary movie buffs (okay, almost all) remember their first scary movie (or the earliest they can recall anyway--some started young). I also remember my first movie (Leonardo Dicaprio) and TV (JTT) crushes. Also, I remember people I wanted to be "just like" when I grew up (Jo from Little Women--book first, then movie--and Cher from Clueless-- oh come on, I was 10). I even remember authors I admired as I discovered my own love of writing (Alcott, Du Maurier, Bronte, Plath, Hornbacher). But it all goes back to the horror movies, because they awakened my senses and made me really think. Pet Semetary made my list of faves because, once again, it made me think. What if you could bring back a loved one from an unfair death? Would you? What if there were no guarantees that they would be the same? Or what if it was pretty much certain that they would be very different? I think most people would have a tough time with that decision, especially when the death is so new and the feelings are so raw. Oh, on a side note, that little kid always totally creeped me out after he came back from the dead. Sometimes, it's also just fun to be spooked.

As for Halloween itself, it falls on a Sunday...ugh. Even worse, my Ole Miss vs. Auburn game day plans fell through, so I wll be here (and probably working) instead of in Oxford. To say I'm bummed is a huge understatement. I do work with some characters, however, so maybe it will be pretty fun. Thus far, I have no real plans for the holiday itself; I'm sure something awesome will come up, but once again I find myself missing Oxford during these favorite times of year. I feel like I complain about this a lot, but I hope to find myself back in Mississippi in the next few months. I miss the people, and the weather, and the state itself. I know I was born in Tennessee, but Mississippi feels so much like home even still.

I'm at my parents house right now, because they are out of town and needed somebody to check on their "dog" (I put it in quotes because she's small enough to be a rat). I'm off work today, and since I work in the morning on Monday and I'm also off on Tuesday, I get to watch both DWTS nights uninterrupted! Small victories....anyway. I'll let the world know what becomes of my Halloween weekend and I'll be sure to update much sooner next time...or try to anyway.
1) & 2) The view I get every night that I work. We have the most beautiful sunsets.
3) From the movie "Carrie". The placement within my blog was accidental, but I think it's pretty fitting.
4) The Exorcist!
5) Flowers in the Attic
6) Michael Myers wielding his knife in "Halloween"
7) Pet Semetary