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Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally, pictures.

Today is my day off of work, so I have been busy
organizing and finally cleaning my kitchen, getting the computer hooked up to internet, and then taking one long nap to old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Sound like an awesome day? It is...and I intend to get back to it right after I put up some long ago promised pictures from my camera :)

1) Yummy sushi during an afternoon outing with Cindy, before we saw Black Swan. Such a fun night out with a good friend!!

2) My often-after-work ritual. Playing pool with good work friends and talking a ton and laughing too much. Oh, and yes, I was the DD this night.

3) No seriously--I love my work friends. They make the more often than not good days awesome, and the occasional bad days bearable.

4) New Years Eve--ringing in 2011 with good friends and watermelon flavored hookah.

5) Jamie, me, Erika, and Will enjoying wine right after I arrived at the party. Fashionably late as always, but ready for fun :)

6) The bachelorette, belle of the ball, always classy and gorgeous Erika. This was stop 2 of the night--Las Margaritas--ostensibly for cheese dip, but clearly for the margaritas.

7) Beginning of the night. Erika's mom hired one of her students to be the DD. Trust me, it was a wise call.

8) Sing it or wing it, baby. Last stop of the night before Steak 'n' Shake and bed. My fever was probably still hovering around 102 at this point. So worth it.