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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things, they are a-changin'...I hope.

I have made some big decisions over the past few weeks...ones that I hope work out! I doubt it's any secret that I've been trying to find ways back to Oxford pretty much since I got back to Chattanooga, even amidst a lot of fun experiences and the formation of true, lasting friendships here. Though I've spent 20 years of my life in Chattanooga and only 5 years in Oxford, Ole Miss will always feel like home. I've felt that way since the first day I walked on that beautiful campus, and I understood it even more deeply when I ripped out a piece of my heart and decided to move away. Obviously, I don't regret moving home--I've made wonderful friends and created memories that will last a lifetime, and I would have missed out on all of that had I stayed in Oxford. But now? It's time to go home.
Of course, at 25 I both have to be and enjoy being more organized, so I can't imagine myself even attempting to just up and move without a set plan for everything (job, insurance, lodging). It just seems implausible to me now, which is different from my early 20s for sure. Granted, because of my ongoing money struggle and busy work and school loads then, I typically couldn't take a random trip anytime I wanted anyway...but when I could, I certainly did! will I get home? Law school!
A few weeks ago, I helped my Dad out with a road project in Cleveland, TN. Now, my Dad has been telling me since I was about two that I would make a great attorney, but I never really considered it much of an option. When I was a kid, my dream was to be a doctor, and that lasted until I went to Ole Miss and took Pre-Med Biology...and realized, I suck at biology. Obviously, that's kind of an important subject to excel in when considering Med school. For a semester or so, I kind of floated in college major limbo--and then fell in love with Psychology. I love it more and more every day, and also find a way to use it pretty often in my every day life. My only major college regret is that I didn't persevere and get a second major in English. I mean, I was only two classes shy! Now, I'm totally pissed at myself for not finishing up that major, but at the time I was just burned out. So much so that I even thought I had grown sick of Oxford, which I discovered to be completely and totally untrue...about 5 minutes after arriving back in Chattanooga. Le sigh--life moves on. Anyway, I think I also shied away from considering law school because I always worried my temper would get me into tons of trouble with judges. Yes, my temper is still there, but after 10 years of working in customer service and the maturity that comes with age, I feel that I'm able to control it much better. So, as it turns out, I'm pretty good with the law. My dad could ask me all kinds of random questions regarding what I was working on, and I would be able to regurgitate the information. And in a weird way, it was a fun project. Suddenly, law school became a definite possibility.
So--I'm taking the LSAT in December, and hopefully all will go well so I can start law school next fall--in OXFORD! Fingers crossed, please! Elise has moved back to Oxford, and we're planning on on being roommates again--hopefully in a house. She's a great roommate, so that's awesome, and it will be nice to be moving back there with a built-in friend waiting for me. I just pray I get into Ole Miss Law School. I've mentioned it to a few of my work friends, but I'm holding off on telling all the managers and what not. For one thing, it may not work out, so why put the idea out there and then have it fall through? Plus, it's going to be a hard conversation, especially with my GM. The thing is, I love my job and my work friends. I've been working there for over two years, and I work all the time, so those friends are the ones I'm closest to here. I have made some truly incredible friends here, ones that I'll miss very much if I move. BUT--since my parents live here, I'll be able to visit fairly often and see them! Still, it will be tough. Even when I'm at my most fed up with Chattanooga, I'm glad I moved back home when I did. I never would have met my work friends, and I'm such a better person for having them in my life. Life is just like that--give and take. I'm hoping things go swimmingly if I take this leap to Oxford again.

Anyway, it's my day off and I need to go clean my landlord's house and do some organizing in her garage, and finish up the last of my house cleaning. I'm off! I'll write a longer entry next time... I hope.