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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life's A-Changin'

I'm moving away from Oxford, MS in the next couple of weeks and, gulp, moving back in with my parents. I would explain how I felt about this, but to be honest--I'm not sure. My parents and I had a strained relationship at best during my teen years, and we have all discovered that we get along about a billion times better when not living the day to day under the same roof. As it is, what with my indecision and the economy being a piece, I don't have a choice for at least a little while. So, it'll be back to relying on the folks for food and entertainment--more so on the entertainment front since the people who made me cool in high school no longer live in Chattanooga. Sigh.

So I'm 23 years old with a BA in Psychology, and I feel like I'm 16 all over again. For the past 5 years I have taken care of myself--paying my own utility bills, car insurance, food, entertainment, and the like--with the exception of paying for my school. I know how to be surprisingly self sufficient, and then I lost all opportunity to have a job in THIS town--don't ask. I'm actually pretty excited about moving back to Chatty--it's beautiful and I know my way around there and I miss it--but leaving this home will be sad. There is no place quite like Oxford, and there never will be. I'll be visiting again in November, but I will certainly miss all of my Mississippi friends. I guess that's what phones, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, gchat, and the like are for, but still. It'll be bittersweet. I think my parents and I will be fine--once I realize that they do own the house and they realize I'm not a little girl anymore. And I do miss my parents, but who knows how this will go. I'll keep y'all posted!

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