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Friday, February 25, 2011

March, and April, and May...Oh My!

Ah yes, here I am once again awake at an unusually early hour, not because I choose to wake up at this time (5 AM)...but because I choose to operate primarily during the night time hours. Yes, it becomes a nuisance when I have things to do, say, mid morning, but I do plan accordingly! Since I typically don't have anything to do until work at 3:45 PM almost everyday, this schedule works for me. SO! I've got exciting news--I'm going to California in less than 2 weeks for Erika's wedding, which I had virtually no hope of being able to attend until just a couple of weeks ago. To say the least, I am a very happy lady. For one thing, Erika and I have been friends for a long time now, and anybody who knows me is totally aware of how important my friends are to me. Erika is no exception--we have been through a lot together (even if we are far away most of the time as she is now in medical school in Ohio...yeah she's a genius) over the years, and she is one of the friends I cherish very much because there is never a moment that I feel I can't talk to her. She is incredibly open minded, genuine, and beautiful. She is going to be a beautiful bride, and waterproof mascara is item #1 on my list of things most needed in California. Second, it will be nice to hang out with my best high school friends in a location not in (or very close to) Chattanooga, and I know we will have an obscene amount of fun both in San Francisco (where my friend Iz lives and I will be flying into) and Sacramento (where the wedding is being held). Third, I've never been to California--so naturally I'm totally stoked to see what I know is a beautiful place--and it's been about 15 years since I've been on a plane--and I love planes. And lastly, this kid needs a vacation! :) To say I'm excited about this trip is probably the biggest understatement I could possibly make. I can't wait, and I promise to post some pictures ASAP when I return (thank heavens for the camera I got for Christmas)! AHHH! CAN'T WAIT!

Speaking of travel, I really want to be in Mississippi in May, if not on my actual birthday then at least sometime during the month to celebrate turning A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. Such a scary thought, me being 25...haha. It would probably make the most sense to visit my friends around the Jackson area, but I would love the chance to celebrate in my beloved Oxford. We'll see, I guess. It would be amazing to have a birthday similar to my 21st or 22nd again...le sigh. other news, I'm going to cohost a Pampered Chef party with my work friend, Laura, at my house sometime soon! I don't know when it will be exactly, because like I said I'm jetting off to Cali soon, but I'm guessing during the last few days of March or the first few of April. It's going to be a combined belated housewarming for me and a bridal shower for Laura. We decided on my house because it's closer to everybody who will probably attend and the setup of the living room to kitchen to dining room is a match made in heaven for this type of party. I'm stoked, and I do realize that makes me a little old haha. I started to realize I was getting older when I asked for a (pink) vaccuum cleaner for my birthday last year, and especially when I got overly excited about it and immediately put pictures of Facebook once it was assembled. I seriously love that vaccuum.

My last piece of news is that my little angel baby cat, Karma, is very pregnant and I'm tickled to have kittens in my house. It's been a long time! Copper, my other cat, concerns me a little because he's so ridiculously curious and kind of rough in his playing, so Karma and her babies may have to live in my closet with their own food, water, and litterbox for a little bit. Since my closet is a pretty big walk-in sized one, that will work out. I also promise to post pictures once the kittens are born.

And now, I'm off to get some sleep--I mean, the sun is coming up soon so hello. Everybody should live a nocturnal's so much fun :) Everybody have a good weekend!