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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Countdown has hit hours instead of days...

So I made it through my work week, despite some people trying to ruin every single day. I'm so glad there are great people at work to make so great ones matter very little. Still, I can't say it doesn't get me down when people are unnecessarily rude to me. Who wouldn't get a little blue? But I said, the working portion of the week is over for me and now I just have mere hours until my dear Elise gets here! I have been furiously cleaning all through the night, and will continue to the rest of the day...only taking a break to go to the doctor and maybe give plasma...and this of course. Gotta love the blogging. No, seriously.

So far, I have cleaned the kitchen (it's spotless!) and my bathroom, with the exception of the litter box because I'm going to leave that for the last minute so it's really fresh in the apartment. I still have to clean my sheets and continue to deodorize my closet (and the rest of the apartment, let's be honest--we have 3 cats), clean, vacuum and dust my room (and organize my movies, but that really goes into the whole "cleaning" thing), clean and vacuum the patio/porch, and do a once over on vacuuming and what-not the living room. After I clean out the litter box, I'll probably sweep and mop my bathroom floor again. I realize it sounds like a lot to do in just a few hours, but it's really not. I have complete faith in my ability to get all of this done!! On a side note, I really hate trying to party on a budget--who else wants to win the lottery? Even just a little one is all I'm really asking for here. But I digress...

Like I've said, oh, a million times already, I'm so ready for Elise to get here. Once you live with somebody for a year, it's hard to only see them a few times a year after that. It is very nice, however, that whenever Elise and I hang out (the same holds true for Kristin), it's like we live together all over again. I love those friends that really know you, with all of your flaws and strengths, so that you can really be yourself around them. I'm lucky in that I have quite a few of these personally, and I'm glad one of the very best is coming to stay with me for a long weekend! We are bound and determined to have a good time...and we always do. It's like Ole Miss says, "We may not win every game, but we ain't never lost a party!". How true that is of so many of my friendships, and most of all, of my wonderful university. I miss it everyday, but it makes it a little easier knowing that friends will always come and see me, I'm never too far away to visit Oxford, and a little part of my heart lives on there forever. It's a rare thing to keep up with friends from high school and college, and I've managed to do both. For now, I'm going to continue to clean and get ready for my doctor's appointment. I'll talk to y'all on the flip side.

1) When I worked at Subway in Oxford, I marveled almost daily at the beautiful sunsets that we could see from inside. On this day, I just had to run outside and take a picture.
2) Taken from right outside the library a Ole Miss during exam week, I find this picture to be absolutely stunning.
3) Lauren, Elise, me, and Rachael the first night I ever went out and partied with them. Though I look a wee bit fat in this picture, I still love it because it reminds me of great times.
4) Me with my first ever legal drink--a Jolly Rancher Martini from Old Venice in Oxford. Delicious...and yes I know this picture is a random
5) From the book, "Dixieland Delight", which is about a guy who travels to all of the SEC schools to experience their tailgating traditions. There are random lists throughout the book, and this one was of the ranking of Prettiest Girls in all of the SEC schools. It's hard to see, but Ole Miss is ranked #1 here. Yep!
6) A book I found while straightening at work. I loved the boots, so I took a picture. I'm now on the hunt for ones exactly like it, but with a stiletto heel.

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