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Monday, May 9, 2011

Parties at 25 certainly are different from those in years past...

I'm so proud--writing another blog only 4 days after the last one. So, after my lengthy blog on the 5th, I had to work the following day but THEN...I went out downtown to celebrate my birthday with some of my friends and it was so low-key, which was exactly how I wanted it, and I had a blast! It was a completely random group of friends, but luckily I make the kind of friends who can meet new people and instantly hit it off. The group consisted of: Me, Evan (who drove me there and back--whew!), Murphy, Evangeline (who sadly got sick and had to leave early--SAD!), Kayla, Brittany, and Bill. We ate at Chili's, where I decided to have not one, but TWO, specialty (read: GIANT) margaritas--Tropical Sunrise and Chambord 1800--which were delicious but deadly to a girl who rarely drinks anymore, and never drinks tequila at all. Of course, we got queso and chips and salsa, and then I had the chicken crispers for my main dish. After we were done, the group moved to the Big Chill, and this is where Evie left us :(. Everybody but Kayla got the Orange Dream slushie drink thing, and she got the Sangria one. All of them were made with PGA, so we were riding high after those, even though I only drank about half of mine because I was drinking too slow and they wanted to move on. The last stop was Taco Mac--and here my final drink was red wine, my old faithful friend--and this was when Brandi joined us! Even though it was freezing outside, we didn't mind because, well, we were all tipsy, and because we were enjoying the conversation so much. What we DID mind, however, was the fact that it seemed every crazy homeless person spotted us and felt the need to talk to our table. I must say, it was pretty hilarious, but WTF?! Either the number of crazy homeless has exponentially increased since I last "partied' downtown (in December for Erika's bachelorette party), or I was too drunk to notice before. It's weird visiting old favorite bars when you have a completely different outlook on drinking.

Actually, it's a little strange just to revisit those old memories--bittersweet, perfect in my mind, like the stories of another person. In many ways I am a different person from even last year, and even more so from my college days. Granted, I'm still me--adore my friends, love to read, a workaholic through and through, goofy as hell--but I'm glad that I have let the alcohol-soaked days pass me by. My memories from college are excellent, but it exhausts me just to think about the late nights and the sheer number of drinks I used to be able to down without passing out or dying. In many ways, I'm more like my high school self these days than my college self. Instead of drinking to have fun, I let my creativity do its thing...and it usually ends up surprising me. Don't get me wrong--sometimes, drinks are still pretty fabulous ;)

Anyway--I got home after 2 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning and I've worked early in the morning every day since then. Needless to say, I'm excited to have Monday "off" from work--formal work that is. I've still got lots to do--cleaning my house and my landlord (to decrease my rent and save for a car), a few errands to run (grocery store!), and a book club Skype date in the evening. Sorry there aren't any pictures from my birthday party--we all just got so into talking we didn't take any. Oh, old age...haha.

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