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Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Life Update

*The images pictured are of really random books I found at work...just made me laugh a little!*

So, I'm waiting for my medication to wear off (almost there!) so I can get some sleep, but I decided to fill the time writing a quick blog. I have a crazy busy work schedule this weekend--I closed tonight, I open in a few hours then I'm volunteering for my parents/the dance folk for Dare to Dance from about 6 to midnight, then I work all day on I'm going to TRY to wake up before work in the morning and do a short run (30 minutes or so), but since I'm so NOT a morning person we'll see how this goes. With all the work I've been doing--and I'm so not complaining because I both like work and need the money--I haven't had much time to do much of anything. I cleaned my parents house the other day for a generous compensation and I've worked out twice this week so far. During my few and far between free moments, I've been continuing my progress on Eat, Pray, Love and have found myself rewatching old episodes of Friends--always and forever a favorite of mine--and Buffy the Vampire Slayer--such a classic! Also, the new season of Dancing with the Stars started this week, and I'm already obsessed. Of course, I've also been dutifully studying for the good ole GRE. Oh, the life of an adult.

I've found that when I want to be out with people doing something, it's always fun to go play pool, and often a few of my friends and I from work will meander over to one of a couple of local favorite pool halls to shoot a few games. Both places know us all pretty well, so we either get a major deal on games, or don't have to pay at all. That coupled with the fact that beer is usually about $2 apiece makes it a fun way to get out and blow off some steam. The best way to relieve stress for me, of course, is to run and do crunches, so I really am trying to do that as often as possible...and eat better when my cravings don't turn me into a junk food eating demon of sorts. Last I checked, I've lost around 12 pounds and FEEL so much better, so here's hoping I can keep this up! Alright folks...I know this was random, but I just felt like writing for a bit. Night night!

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